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Paint the Farm Yard

Verf die Plaaswerf


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Belangrike Kennis Gewing / Important Notice

As gevolg van onvoorsiene omstandigheid gaan die kontant kroeg nie meer beskikbaar wees vir hierdie Saterdag se Country & Western nie.
Bring asb eie koeldrank en drinkgoedjies.


Due to unforseen circuimstances the cash bar will no longer be
available for the Country & Western event this Saturday.
Please bring your own drinks to the event.

aint the F

Book TODAY • Country Western • 30 July • Limited Seats • Book TODAY

Book TODAY • Country Western • 30 July • Limited Seats • Book TODAY


A letter from the chairman:




The chill of the winter months are upon us, but the Friends of the National Zoo still endeavour to create a fun and warm atmosphere at every Fun Walk, held every third Saturday of a month.


June, July and August are our coldest months of the year and therefore we have decided to start the Fun Walks a little later, 06:30 for 7:00.



We have also made it easier for you to buy entrance tickets and pay for food, by introducing a new electronic payment method. Discounts are given to groups of people of 15 or more entering the Fun Walk, kindly let us know in advance to qualify for this discount by contacting us via email: This allows the queues to flow faster and for you to get started on the race quicker, filling on delicious food after the race in one easy electronic payment method.

We have the new Pebble system in place which takes
the hassle out of carrying cash on you. Pay on the spot!

The Friends of the National Zoo is busy upgrading and refurbishing the Farm Yard.

Click here to see what we have done so far and what still needs to be done.

We need volunteers to help restore the Farm Yard please contact Lettie: 012 323 0294 /

Who are The friends of the Zoo?


We are a group of friends who love the nature and burning to do something for our animal and plant life, we want to enjoy nature and leave it intact for future generations! As a friend you help the National Zoo with this huge task of conserving wildlife and breeding endangered species that are becoming extinct everyday in their natural environment. Together we work hard to build the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa to the best of our ability.

We need volunteers to help the Friends of the Zoo - please contact Lettie for more information.

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