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The next Fun Walk is on 20 April 2024

 Fun Walk starts at 06:00am

1930 Municipal Carnivora House


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Humble beginnings of the

National Zoo on 21 October 1899


Originally gifted by Sammy Marks to the Church Square, and regifted in 1910 to the Zoo

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In 1930 primarily the house of large carnivorous animals, and today the office building of FOTZ


The tree is 27m high and has a trunk
circumference of 11.9 m. At it’s widest,
the crown is 43,1m

In 1902 primarily the house of lions, today this building is used for informative history

In 1911 primarily the house of bears, today this building is used as a Kiosk and Gift Shop

In 1910 Elephant Indaba

primarily housed elephants

The PPC Sundial is 11m in diameter, and

the gnomon is 3,5m at it’s highest point

The main entrance was built in 1903.

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Address: 232 Boom Street, Pretoria